The Washington D.C. City Council has proposed a tobacco tax that could put Georgetown Tobacco and other tobacconists in the city out of business.

B20-750, entitled "The Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Support Act of 2014," is currently being rushed through the legislative process. As written, the budget proposal will expand the cigarette tax rate of 80 percent to all tobacco products. The current exemption for premium cigars has been put back in to the tax bill. This is a good thing, but pipe tobacco, small cigars and other products are still in jeapordy.

Your immediate action is critical to help protect our local small business retail tobacconists. The next budget hearing is scheduled for June 17. Click anywhere on this message to contact the members of the D.C. City Council, and urge them to cancel this tax and preserve the exemption for premium cigars in B20-750.

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Thank you for your support and action on this matter.

Walter Gorski

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